2020 was all about Covid and social movements so it’s not surprising that a big chunk of our most popular blog posts from this year covered those topics.

Here are the Top 10 Blog Posts published by Nonprofit Marketing Guide in 2020, according to Google Analytics page views:

  1. Communicating about the Coronavirus and Your Upcoming Events (March 4th)
  2. Virtual Volunteering: Ideas to Engage Your Volunteers Remotely (April 29th)
  3. The Nonprofit Email Apocalypse Is Coming (January 15th)
  4. Forget the Elevator Speeches and Give Your Board Members a Word-of-the-Month (January 21st)
  5. Are Your Comms Helpful Now or Just Adding More Noise? (June 4th)
  6. Scrubbing Your Language of Racist Metaphors (July 16th)
  7. How to Be Relevant Now (and What Not to Say) (March 24th)
  8. This Thank You Email Gave Me the Warm and Fuzzies (January 8th)
  9. Download Your 2020 Nonprofit Communications Trends Report (January 14th)
  10. COVID-19 and Media Relations: A Quick Guide for Nonprofit Communicators (March 26th)

Honorable Mentions

These posts were top performers the month they were published, but didn’t make the Top Ten.

Thanks, everyone, for reading and we look forward to a great 2021!

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