We just wrapped up our new webinar on managing a healthy email list and re-engaging the unengaged on your list. The unengaged would be people who haven’t opened an email in a certain amount of time, like 6 months or a year.

I asked three poll questions and thought I’d share the results with you. About 50 people participated in each poll.

First, we talked about whether participants knew how to find out who was engaged on their mailing list and who wasn’t.

Who is Engaged and Who Isn't


As you can see, the overwhelming majority either know how to find and segment the unengaged or can figure it out. That’s good news.

Next, I asked about sending re-engagement emails. Do they send special emails to people who aren’t engaged?

Only 15% of participants were actively sending campaigns to re-engage people on their lists. Lots of room for improvement here. 

One of the scary parts of doing these campaigns is deciding what you do with those people who remain unengaged. During the webinar, I talked about several brave communications directors who made the choice to outright delete the email addresses or to at least suppress them from future mailings. It’s the right thing to do for so many reasons, but a hard thing to explain to the boss sometimes!

Finally, I asked participants about whether they do an automated “welcome” email or series for new subscribers.

automated welcome series

More good news here: Well over half of nonprofits are using automated welcome emails to get their new subscribers engaged right from the start.

We’ll be sharing more posts and examples soon on these topics. Stay tuned!


Published On: September 20, 2018|Categories: Email List Management, Email Marketing|