If you look at the preliminary results from our 2017 Nonprofit Communications Trends Report Survey, email marketing, print marketing, the website/blog and social media marketing are almost identical in the rankings for how much time nonprofit staff are spending on them.

This chart shows a weighted average where 2 is “a limited amount of time” and 3 is a “moderate amount of time.”


What this tells me is that communications work today is very much a multi-channel job, and therefore it’s rare for one communications channel to consume all of someone’s time. Instead, that time is split among these four key channels primarily.

In fact, fewer than 2% said any single channel was their sole job responsibility, with the exception of social media, which is coming in at only 2.3%.

The survey for the 2017 Nonprofit Communications Trends Report is open through this Friday, December 2.  Please take it now, and add your voice and perspective!