Pay Day For the second year in a row, we are asking nonprofit communications directors and coordinators to share their salaries with us, so we can provide some benchmarks for you in your conversations about your own compensation.

The salary question is part of the 2017 Nonprofit Communications Trends Report Survey, which closes on Friday, December 2. 

If you haven’t taken it yet, especially if communications work is a significant part of your job, please take it now!

Right now, based on the preliminary data, the average salary for nonprofit communications staff is around $56,000.

When we have the final data set, we’ll analyze how this changes based on organizational budget and staff size, as well as location. We added a question related to the cost of living in your area to try to see differences in salaries in expensive cities versus more affordable areas of the country.

Want to be the first to see the communications director salary data? Complete the survey now, and you’ll get invited to a webinar a full week before we release the final report.