First thing’s first – if you participated, how was YOUR #GivingTueday? Share your results, frustrations, celebrations and ruminations in the comments section.

Next, WHOA. Initial results are in and Giving Tuesday keeps experiencing explosive double-digit growth.

Now, the results! (Updated at 6pm, Nov. 30.):

This is an aggregate number from 28 data platform partners. 

Giving Tuesday

Giving Tuesday 2016 results

  • $168 million raised
  • 44 percent increase in total raised over 2015
  • 1.56 million total gifts
  • $107.69 mean gift size
  • 2,399,092 social media engagements
  • 98 countries and territories participating


These are results from individual platforms, some of which are included in the aggregate Giving Tuesday data.


  • 33 percent increase in the number of nonprofit organizations receiving an online gift (compared to 2015)
  • 20 percent increase in online giving from U.S. donors (compared to 2015)
  • 31 percent increase in online donation volume (compared to 2015)
  • 22 percent of online donations made on mobile devices, up from 17 percent in 2015
  • Online average gift amount exceeded $126

Network for Good

  • $7,654,954 raised


  • $3,085,173 raised
  • 26,018 donations


  • $3,811,487 raised
  • 29,400 donors
  • 45,087 donations
  • 2,556 charities
  • 1,200 individuals launched peer-to-peer fundraisers
  • 33 percent of all donations were made on mobile devices


$7.4 million raised, a 46 percent increase from 2015


  • $964,000 raised
  • 8,400 backers
  • 132 campaigns

Confession Time

Now, Giving Tuesday isn’t for everyone. I see plenty of fundraising pros poo-poo the holiday. I’m not one of them. Every client I’ve worked with on a Giving Tuesday campaign has hit or surpassed their Giving Tuesday goal, without cannibalizing total year-end giving (in previous years…hoping for the same this year).

YES, some Giving Tuesday campaigns fail. Yes, not EVERYONE knows about Giving Tuesday.

BUT, every year, more and more people do hear about Giving Tuesday. And, I believe this year, after a very divisive election (no matter who you voted for), people wanted to feel good and do good. So they gave. On Giving Tuesday. In droves.

I’m not going to argue with success.

Whether nonprofits steward and retain those donors is fodder for another post.

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