I just finished Part 1 of our webinar series on Social Media Strategies That Won’t Waste Your Time.

Today was all about the “Be Personal” left-hand side of the diagram.

After I went through each section, I did a quick poll to see what participants thought they would work on first. The results are very interesting, so I thought I would share them with you . . .

Document, Don't Create

Thinking more about the authentic and personal moments that staff can share to build trust and influence tied with show more behind the scenes content in general.

Build One to One Connections

I discussed several ways that nonprofits need to come out from behind the logo and connect one on one with people via social media. Using social media as a customer service channel, not just as a promotional one, was the most popular first step.

Show Up and Hang Out

Being present with others — showing up and hanging out — was the third strategic use of social media I discussed today. In the poll, getting started with live streaming video was the most popular first step.

We’ll tackle the right side of the diagram on Thursday.

Published On: April 16, 2019|Categories: Social Media|