Working as a nonprofit communications professional can be lonely. Most of your collogues don’t really understand what you do. And communications departments are often small staffed by just one or two people.

Add in the isolating effects the pandemic has had on all of us and you may think it’s not worth it anymore. But we have always been about showing you how to not only do your job, but to love your job.

And having a group of friends – a community – who knows what you are going through, who can listen to you vent or provide feedback and inspiration is vital to getting through the most difficult of days. That’s something we can give you.

While the most talked about feature of our All-Access Pass is being able to attend ALL of our webinars and workshops with one very low payment (that’s even lower right now since you get a $200 discount), one of its most beloved features is the private Facebook Group.

We have a great community of nonprofit professionals ready to answer your questions, support you, and help you get through the day. Here is what some of our Pass Holders think about the Facebook Group:

“What’s not to love about the All-Access Pass? You get time savers, webinars, access to all content, motivation, and humor! You don’t have to start from scratch – you can just tweak their proven foundations and strategies for your organization. The private Facebook Group has different types of nonprofits so you get different perspectives, but isn’t so big that the number of posts are overwhelming. It helps me realize I am not fighting unique battles aloneThe All-Access Pass is a superior value and pays for itself several times over!”  – Lisa Dove, Director of Communications and Outreach at Virginia Community Healthcare Association and All-Access Pass Holder

“I love the All-Access Pass, and reference the available resources all the time! I have found that because of the Pass, I make more space in my week to take a step back and reflect and learn—it’s truly been an asset for my own professional development. The Facebook group has been such a source of great ideas and support. Whenever I feel stuck, I know that I have a group of fellow smart and creative professionals. It’s been a wonderful community to tap into. – Rosie Aquila, Communications and Marketing Manager at Iona Senior Services and All-Access Pass Holder

“I’ve been a Pass Holder a long time, a REALLY long time and I’m still learning from the webinars and Facebook Group exchanges. I look to Kivi, Kristina and the host of experts they pull together to help me navigate “The Noise.” My All-Access Pass has been — BY FAR — the most valuable professional tool I’ve purchased in the last 10 years. I value it so much that if my boss won’t pay for it, I pay for it myself. But my real value clincher comes from the community of professionals who make up our All-Access Pass community – they make the The Pass totally worth it too! – Tara Collins, Director of Communications & Resource Development at RUPCO and All-Access Pass Holder

I love how generous the Nonprofit Marketing Guide is with sharing their knowledge. The content is always to the point, relevant and practical. After reading an article or taking one of the webinars included with the All-Access Pass, I feel like I could apply all or part of what I have learned immediately after. And the sanity check from having a community that is working through the same challenges is nice. – Rachel Braver, Communications Coordinator at Food Bank of Contra Costa and Solano and All-Access Pass Holder

Do you need to connect while also getting professional development for the best value around?

The All-Access Pass is your answer.

Here is everything you get with an All-Access Pass:

  • Attend live webinars and workshops and watch webinar recordings from the last 6 months.
  • Practice and implement what you are leaning during our NEW Master Classes and Jump Starters.
  • Download our e-books and other Pass Holder Exclusive resources like templates and checklists.
  • Chat with nonprofit communications experts and fellow nonprofit communicators in our Private Pass Holder-Only Facebook Group.
  • Receive a customized training plan with exclusive online courses designed specifically for your Marketing Maturity Level or access ALL of our online courses regardless of your level!

And the All-Access Pass is only $599 now through January 8, 2021. That’s a discount of $200!

We would love you to join us in 2021!

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