I have launched a new online directory for nonprofits at www.500GoodCauses.com. It’s a “word cloud” directory made famous in the past few weeks by Joel Comm and his 500Words.com site. I’ve taken Joel’s software and am using it for good causes!

It works like this: Each of the 500 words or phrases on the site are unique. Only one nonprofit can claim each word, and when they do, it links to their website (or any page they choose), and it’s theirs for the next 2 1/2 years. It’s yet another tool for search engine optimization. I’ll also be buying search engine ads to draw traffic to the directory. Site visitors can’t help but click on the words out of curiosity, so it should lead to some interesting new visitors for the nonprofits who participate.

The fee to claim a word varies based on the formatting you select (size, bold, colors, etc). If you don’t see a word you want, you can make one up for a slightly higher fee. Through Monday, July 10, the prices are all half-off, which means you can claim your word for as little as $25. And the best part . . . I’ll be donating 1/3 of the gross revenues from the directory to randomly selected nonprofits that have claimed words, or had words claimed on their behalf.

Nonprofits, claim your word now, and everyone else, claim a word for your favorite good cause!

Published On: July 6, 2006|Categories: Uncategorized|