“Content is King,” they say. While that may be true, “they” don’t mention how hard it is trying to come up with fresh ideas that resonate with your readers. Inspiration can be hard to come by some days, but that’s where our Monthly Nonprofit Writing Prompts come in.

Every month we send out an e-newsletter designed specifically to help you come up with ideas for your newsletter articles, blog posts and social network updates.  We include at least 10 prompts to get you thinking about content. We send the e-newsletter at the beginning of the month with ideas for the following month. For example, last week we sent out the prompts for October. Here is just a sample of what’s normally included:

On the Calendar

  • 10/7: World Smile Day. Share photos of your volunteers or clients smiling and tell their stories. If you are a health related org, you can promote dental health.
  • 10/8: Columbus Day. What new frontiers are you exploring? Indigenous People’s Day is the alternative for Columbus Day.
  • 10/12: Moment of Frustration Day. Vent away or provide some ideas on releasing frustration in a healthy way. Encourage your readers to share what frustrates them on Facebook, Twitter or in the comment section on your blog.
  • 10/16: Dictionary Day. Help your readers define some of the jargon associated with your cause. (Then stop using it in communications to them!)
  • 10/31: Halloween. Give us some insight into staff personalities and let us know what they will be for Halloween. Tell us what your favorite candy is and how it relates to your org. This can be a great time for lighter updates if your org deals with heavy topics. Or share what scares you.

October is also:
Breast Cancer Awareness Month 
National Diabetes Month 
Adopt a Shelter Dog Month 

Metaphor of the Month 

This month’s metaphor is Transformation. Think about leaves changing colors, new and improved, chrysalis, Cinderella, make-overs, conversions.

How can you relate these things to your organization?

Pop Culture, Events, and News 

Many communities will be hosting Oktoberfests. 

The MLB World Series starts October 24th.

Source of the Month 

Photobombs are also a funny way to show some personality – like this one Lollypop Farms posted on their Facebook page.

Got you thinking?

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