In this interview in our series on Junction C: Where Creating and Curating Meet Content and Conversation, Wendy Harman, social media manager for the American Red Cross talks about how she and her team make decisions about what goes online and when.

A few key points:

  • Wendy calls editorial calendars “a necessary evil” that represent only a tiny amount of the work involved in social media content creation.
  • Because so much of what they do is created on the fly, which requires quick thinking and good judgement, the American Red Cross provides tons of training to staff on how to use social media. She compares the process of learning how to use social media well to learning how to drive a stick shift: you really have to try it yourself before you can get a feel for it.
  • While responding to what people are interested in on any given day represents a huge part of her work, Wendy also discusses how two major programs each year and natural disasters represent times when the Red Cross does push out more of its own messaging.
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Published On: April 14, 2011|Categories: Communications Channel Management, Social Media|