This week I’m asking for your help in crafting the schedule for the Nonprofit Marketing Guide Weekly Webinar Series in 2009. The results of this survey will determine what goes on the schedule, who I recruit as  guest speakers, etc. Take the survey now.

Seventy-five nonprofits have completed the survey this week and here are the top three vote getters (most interested in attending a webinar on this topic) so far:

— Creating Evangelists: How to Excite and Motivate Your Supporters

— How to Position Your Nonprofit as an Expert Source

— Building an Online Community of Supporters

And here are the bottom three (least interesting webinar topics):

— Marketing Strategies for Membership Organizations

— Marketing Strategies for Policy and Research Organizations

— Creating a New Logo: How to Get It Right

What do you think belongs on the schedule? Another 35 topics are in the middle of the pack right now.  Please let me know by this weekend as I’m spending Thanksgiving Week pulling the 2009 calendar together. Fill out the survey now and you’ll be entered into a drawing for free webinar passes.


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