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Email Newsletters

May 1 & 2 - Creating Awesome Email Newsletters

Learn how to create a newsletter worthy of the time you are investing in it.

Registration is $119 for Part 1, $199 for Parts 1 and 2 or Free with an All-Access Pass

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Coming Up in 2018...

Titles and dates subject to change.


  • NEW! The 6 Mistakes that Plague Nonprofit Content (and How to Solve Them) with Peter Panepento
  • NEW! What Communications Leadership Looks Like: How to Steer Your Nonprofit to Greater Results with Kivi Leroux Miller
  • NEW! For Communications Directors: Transform Your Boundaries, Parts 1 and 2 with Sarri Gilman


  • Donor Newsletters that Raise More Money, Parts 1 and 2 with Tom Ahern
  • NEW! For Newbies Only: What Every New Nonprofit Communications Director Needs to Know with Kivi Leroux Miller
  • NEW! How to Craft High Impact Stories that Engage Donors and Build Their Loyalty, Parts 1 and 2 with Rachel Muir
  • NEW! Streamlining Communications Decision-Making: From Strategic Planning to the Daily Grind with Kivi Leroux Miller


  • Writing Donor-Centered Websites, Parts 1 and 2 with Tom Ahern
  • NEW! "Simple Rules" for Communications Directors: How to Speed Up Decisionmaking, Create Easy Routines, and Get More Done, Painlessly with Kivi Leroux Miller

Other Upcoming Live Webinars in 2018:

  • NEW! From the Swipe File: 25 Nonprofit Communications Examples That Will Inspire Your Own Work with Kivi Leroux Miller
  • The Communications Director's Guide to Repurposing Content with Kivi Leroux Miller
  • Marketing Bequests: The Art of Asking for That Final Gift with Tom Ahern
  • Navigating the Media Relations Trifecta of Earned, Paid, and Owned Media, Parts 1 and 2 with Antionette Kerr
  • NEW! Turn Your Executive Director into a Rock Star with Peter Panepento
  • NEW! Yes! You Can Become a Media Darling with Antionette Kerr
  • NEW! Measuring and Optimizing Your Content Marketing with Google Analytics with Eric Squair
  • How to Create a Thank You Video for Your Supporters with Kivi Leroux Miller
  • Measuring Your Nonprofit's Communications Effectiveness, Parts 1 and 2 with Kivi Leroux Miller
  • NEW! Your Design Is Full of CRAP: How to Use the Four Principles of Graphic Design to Create Images that Engage Audiences and Make Your Organization Look Good with Julia Reich
  • NEW! Build a Better Nonprofit Blog - Simple Steps to Turn Your Boring Blog Into a Powerhouse with Peter Panepento
  • How to Create a Short Nonprofit Annual Report, Parts 1 and 2 with Kivi Leroux Miller

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