sick child

If you were to unexpectedly be out of the office for three or more days, how would your communications workload be managed?

That’s one of the brand-new questions we are asking in the 2022 Nonprofit Communications Trends Report Survey. (Please take it now, if you haven’t already!)

While this is preliminary data from 328 participants, we are a bit bummed out, but not surprised, to hear that just over half of you don’t have good backup. Here’s how the answers are breaking out so far:

No Help

40% The work wouldn’t get done until I returned.

11% They would expect me to work at least a few hours while out.

Some Help

31% A trained colleague would cover my major responsibilities.

18% An untrained colleague would try to cover my main responsibilities.


What do you think? How does this compare to your experience? Take the survey and let us know, or leave a comment below.