This year you seemed to focus more on self-care as several #npcommlife posts made this year’s top ten. That makes me so happy!  You were also interested in our decision to stop using Facebook Groups, what to do about Apple’s iOS15 and writing ideas.

Here are the Top 10 Blog Posts published by Nonprofit Marketing Guide in 2021, according to Google Analytics page views:

  1. Why We Are Leaving Facebook Groups by Kivi Leroux Miller
  2. The Great Resignation: Why Your Nonprofit Employees Are Quitting and How to Stop It by Kristina Leroux
  3. Is Facebook Now Optional for Nonprofits? by Kivi Leroux Miller
  4. Worried about Apple’s iOS 15 and Your Open Rates? by Kristina Leroux
  5. Three Steps to Make Any Comms Conversation More Strategic by Kivi Leroux Miller
  6. Permission Granted: Setting Boundaries with Your Time by Sherrell Hendrix
  7. Newsletter Ideas for November 2021 by Kristina Leroux
  8. 6 Mistakes Nonprofits Make with Their Thank Yous by Kristina Leroux
  9. The Magic of No: When to Say “No” and How by Kristina Leroux
  10. Social Media and Newsletter Ideas for September 2021 by Kristina Leroux

Honorable Mentions

Thanks, everyone, for reading and we look forward to a great 2022! And if you didn’t see anything that piqued you interest, there is still time for you to let us know what you want to read about next year

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