While your grandmother may have taught you that sending a thank you letter after receiving a gift is just the polite thing to do, that’s not the only reason nonprofits need to send them. Great communications emphasizing results and gratitude are the key to increasing your donor retention rate.

Prompt meaningful thank yous can help better ensure a second gift more so than other types of communications.

Thank You Mistakes

  • Not understanding that thank yous are an important communications strategy.
  • Only sending thank yous to high dollar donations.
  • Sending them too late.
  • Using stuffy legalese or tax receipt language with no personalization.
  • Using predictable openings like “Thank you for your gift of…” or “On behalf of our organization…
  • Not explaining how the gift will be used.

To learn more about how to talk to your supporters so they feel appreciated, included and inspired to give again, join us Thursday, November 4th for a budget-friendly webinar – How to Say Thank You and Share Your Successes with Your Supporters. Registration is only $20 and recordings will be provided to registrants if you can’t attend live. Learn more and register.

Published On: October 27, 2021|Categories: Thank You Letters, Webinars and Online Courses|

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