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We are asking a new question this year: Do you feel overworked, underworked, or is your workload about right?

The preliminary results show that you are more likely to feel overworked if you are in a management position versus a junior staff position. You are also more likely to feel overworked if you work in marketing/communications versus fundraising/development. 


How nonprofit staff in all positions answered (all respondents):


How those who work in marketing/communications answered:


How those who work in fundraising/development answered:


 How those in management positions answered (including communications, development, program and executive directors):


How those in junior staff positions (e.g. communications or development coordinators or assistants) answered:



Given all the recent chatter about the crisis in retaining good development staff, I was a little surprised that more fundraisers didn’t say they were being overworked.

On the communications/marketing side, I strongly believe that the reason so many feel overworked is that they lack clear guidance on how to make good communications choices. There are simply too many ways to communicate now and not enough thoughtful culling through those choices.

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