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Here at Nonprofit Marketing Guide, we specialize in nonprofit marketing training. We do this in our quest to help you learn your job, love your work, and lead your team.

But we know everyone learns differently. Everyone has a different amount of time to devote to professional development. Everyone is at a different level of experience and learning on the job. Some want hard skills training, and others want to talk it out with colleagues before they make decisions at their organizations.

That’s why our nonprofit marketing training menu offers so many different styles and topics—and we’ve just added a couple more!

Nonprofit Marketing Training – Live Formats in Real Time


Each month, we offer one or two 60-minute training webinars on topics in nonprofit marketing and communications, covering both tactical and strategic skills. Here’s the current schedule. Anyone can register for these a la carte, and they are also included at no additional charge in the All-Access Pass.  Popular webinars include social media, email marketing, and video trends for nonprofits.

Master Classes

Five or six times a year, we offer a three-hour Master Class on Zoom. This approximates an in-person workshop experience, including training, small group work time, lots of worksheets and resources, and plenty of time for Q&A. Our most popular Master Classes are the “Seven Writing Styles All Nonprofit Communicators Should Master” and the “Communications Planning Master Class.” Anyone can register for these a la carte, and they are also included in the All-Access Pass. 

Jump Starters

Once a month, we offer an hour-long small group workshop on a specific topic to our All-Access Pass holders only. During Jump Starters, you get a bit of training, time to discuss strategic questions with other nonprofit communicators, 15 minutes of quiet time to start on a provided worksheet, and time for open Q&A.  Popular Jump Starters include prioritizing which metrics to track on social media or email, developing personas or journeys, and setting boundaries with coworkers.

And we’ve recently added two new formats– Study Halls and Chitchats — within our free, private community!

Study Halls

Every month or two, we’ll hold a mini-training session we call a Study Hall in our private community. You’ll get a bit of training (5-10 minutes), and you will likely get a worksheet or template. In this way, Study Halls are similar to Jump Starters, but not as intensive. We will also use Study Halls for feedback and fine-tuning sessions where you share your work with others and provide feedback to each other. Many of these will be free for anyone to attend, although some will be limited to All-Access Pass holders only.

Community Chitchats

Chitchats are a chance for us to come together and discuss a certain topic. These will be Zoom-style meetings in our community on specific topics but without a training agenda. It’s more of an opportunity for community members to share their insights and questions with each other, and we’ll simply provide facilitation and relevant resources.

Study Halls and Chitchats will be about 30 minutes long and generally more casual and less structured than Webinars, Master Classes, and Jump Starters.

Check out the full schedule of events in our community.

Nonprofit Marketing Training – At Your Own Pace

Everything above takes place in real-time. Put it on your schedule and join us live! We do record some of these sessions, but not all of them. For example, Master Classes and Jump Starters are rarely recorded.

We do, however, have many resources and recordings for folks who cannot join us live for whatever reason. We know that many members of our community live outside North America, and time zone differences make live participation tough. We also know how busy many of you are during the workday.

No worries –our private community is a gold mine of resources, recorded webinars, and self-paced certificate courses.

Free Resources and Discussions

Start with our Free Resources Library where you will find a vast array of worksheets, how-to guides, checklists, and some webinar recordings. Then connect with other nonprofit communicators in our discussion spaces. If you do it at work, there’s a place to talk about it with others in our community! All-Access Pass holders have an even greater library of materials, including many more webinar recordings and in-depth worksheets, templates, and guides on all kinds of nonprofit marketing and communications topics.

Micro-Credentials and Professional Certificates

We are working this summer to expand our micro-credentialing program and our professional certificate program. We are designing these to be meaningful learning experiences. You can’t just say you read a few blog posts or watched a video and call it a certificate! But we’ll make everything we ask you to do relevant, fun, and meaningful.

Three Books

Kivi Leroux Miller is the author of three books on nonprofit marketing and communications. These books are used as texts for university and certificate programs across the U.S. and Canada. But these are not your average boring textbooks. These were written first as pragmatic guides for working professionals and then adopted later by academics because they are so relevant to working in the sector.

  • The Nonprofit Marketing Guide, second edition
  • Content Marketing for Nonprofits
  • CALM not BUSY

The Communications Director Mentoring Program

The Communications Director Mentoring Program is our premier training and coaching program. With a cohort of up to 16 people in each session, this six-month program runs from January to June and again from July to December. It covers everything a professional communicator or marketer working in the nonprofit sector needs to know. In six months, you’ll gain the knowledge and experience that it often takes three to five years to build in the sector on your own.

Consider yourself invited to join our community of nonprofit communicators working on their own professional development individually and together! We hope to see you in one of these trainings soon.

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