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Congratulations — you found us! Nonprofit marketing and communications is all we do here at Nonprofit Marketing Guide.

We focus on the needs of nonprofit marketing and communications professionals and offer community, training, coaching, and mentoring. This is your nonprofit marketing professional development home online—that’s it. We aren’t trying to upsell you on software or private consulting services.

Our motto says it all: We want to help you learn your job, love your work, and lead your team.

Ready to get started?

Step One: Join Our Nonprofit Marketing Guide Community and Find Your People!

It’s free! Join our private community to connect with thousands of other nonprofit marketing and communications pros. Everyone in our community gets what you do for a living because they do it, too. The community works the same way many social media sites do, so we think you’ll find it intuitive to use.

You don’t have to explain nonprofit marketing to anyone, justify your job, or always talk about it in the context of fundraising. We get it!

If you really want to stay in touch, be sure to download our apps so the Nonprofit Marketing Guide Community is with you on the go. You’ll get notifications about the events and conversations you care most about.  Download the Nonprofit Marketing Guide app from Google Play  | Download the Nonprofit Marketing Guide app from the iOS App Store 

Step Two: Download Some Nonprofit Marketing Templates or Jump into the Conversations

Once you get your account set up, there are two ways to go.

Do you need to download templates, ideas, worksheets, and more on a specific topic? Head on over to the Free Resources section, which is set up following our 10 Keys to Nonprofit Communications Success. Based on our decades of research and experience coaching nonprofit communications staff, these are the ten categories of work that we believe all nonprofit communications and marketing professionals should be working on.

Or maybe you’d prefer to get right into the conversations! You’ll see lots of spaces organized by the topics nonprofit comms staff are working on every day. Click on in, read some posts, reply to a few, and post your own questions or insights.

Step Three: Check Out Some of the Great Resources Here on the Blog

We have been blogging on nonprofit marketing and communications for longer than anyone else — we started in 2007 and are still at it today! That means we have thousands of posts on just about everything. Here are some great places to start:

Also, check out our annual Nonprofit Communications Trends Reports, released every year in January based on survey answers from hundreds of nonprofit communicators.

Step Four: Like to Read? Get Kivi’s Books

Kivi Leroux Miller, the founder and CEO of Nonprofit Marketing Guide (and the person writing this post!) has written three books.

  • The Nonprofit Marketing Guide, Second Edition
  • Content Marketing for Nonprofits
  • CALM not BUSY: How to Manage Your Nonprofit’s Communications for Great Results 

She also created the Nonprofit Communications Strategic Planning Card Deck, a visual tool for prioritizing and planning your work.

These books and the card deck are often the assigned texts for university and certificate programs on nonprofit management. You can find the books and the card deck on Amazon or ask your local bookseller.

Step Five: Sign Up for Nonprofit Marketing Training

Like I said at the top, all we do here is training and coaching for nonprofit communications and marketing staff. While we have many free resources available in our community and on this website, we also offer paid webinars, online master class workshops, and a six-month mentoring program.

On average each month, we offer two paid trainings, such as a one-hour webinar or a three-hour master class. You can check out all of our upcoming training here.

We also offer a Jump Starter workshop each month exclusively for our All-Access Pass Holders, who pay one fee to to attend as many trainings during the year as they like. Jump Starters are special sessions where you get some training, discussion time, and 15 minutes of quiet time with a worksheet before we all come back together for the final Q&A.

If you are ready for an accelerated learning experience, consider the six-month Nonprofit Communications Director Mentoring Program. We run the program twice every year, from January to June and again from July to December, for just 16 nonprofit communicators each session.

We are here for you!

No matter how long you’ve been doing this work, we are here for you! Let us know how we can help.

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