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I think a lot of my readers will relate to today’s guest post. Pam Jacobsen shares some of the fun aspects of her multi-task job. ~Kivi

Guest Post by Pam Jacobsen, Fort Bend Christian Academy

Can you tell by the title how I’m feeling today? It’s 5:10 p.m. on a Friday and I am the only soul in the building. Today started with major website issues, the executive director’s blog had some kind of server-blah-blah-blah problem, the IT department blocked access to all constituent information I need in the new software installed last month, two unfinished press releases are sitting on my desk, and what about those social media posts that need to be pushed out today . . . gettin’ the picture?

Sometimes that’s how the day (week, month) goes, but thankfully that’s not the norm! For those of us who thrive on a little chaos and lots of multi-tasking, handling the marketing, public relations, and communications needs of our non-profit allows us the privilege of wearing many hats.  And for my hyperactive self, those many hats are the fun part! So today, let’s focus on some FUN opportunities only people like us would enjoy!

Exploring the Fun Part

1. Share blog topics and posts with colleagues in another city/state. Hey, there is no competition when those organizations are separated by a few hundred miles! Last month I had the pleasure of calling a reference in another state, and boy did we hit it off! Now I have a quality guest blogger who shares my organization’s philosophy and values. A few sharable blog posts for me in the next few months -YEA!

2. Chamber Leadership Forums – Are you active in your local chamber of commerce? It’s a great place to develop relationships with businesses, and more importantly, the real people who run those businesses.  Leadership forums are a unique experience where you learn about your community’s criminal justice system, diversity, economic development/infrastructure, health and social services, and municipal/county government, and your community gets to learn about YOUR ORGANIZATION and the vital role it plays in your city/county/state.  Our chamber even has a Non-Profit Leadership Forum; it was especially valuable for me to learn more about the good things happening with non-profits right in my own backyard!  Definitely new contacts and resources abound here.

3. The College Intern – Do you need a super photographer for upcoming events? How about some social media savvy?  A writer to do more research for that blog post topic you really want to tackle? Make friends with the journalism or photography department professors at your local college campus. Many journalism, marketing, and communications programs encourage their students to do multiple internships. Why not mentor a college intern? Did I mention internships are often a “must-do” for students? We’re talking a no cost/low cost resource.

4. Make time to learn something new every week!  Sign up for a webinar, check out the local continuing education classes, go to a professional luncheon, get online and do a little research. It really is fun to learn something new! In Kivi’s August 24 Mixed Links, she recommended How to Easily Create Professional-Looking CTAs [Calls to Action] in PowerPoint  from Hubspot – truly FUN and a great way to try your hand at infographics.  As Kivi said, “even if you are graphically challenged” — try it!

5. Offer your non-profit’s office as a meeting place for a group in your community.  Of course, you can’t do that every day, but what about the city council member or the state representative who wants to have a “town hall” meeting (no political agenda on your part, just being a good neighbor) or college/ high school clubs who want to get involved in some community service work? Is your office big enough to host 25-50+ people?  This is such an easy way to get folks on your property and open their minds to what’s happening with your organization.

So . . . what fun hat you are wearing today? Please share!

Pam Jacobsen is the Director of Public Relations at Fort Bend Christian Academy in Sugar Land, Texas. In addition to the many hats she wears in her day job, she is actively involved in a variety of service organizations in her community.

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