As I’ve been writing my new book on nonprofit content strategy (due in December, published in late Spring 2013), I’ve been thinking about all the different factors that influence what nonprofit marketers put on both their editorial calendars and their personal to-do lists.

I asked this question on Facebook yesterday about who puts unexpected work on your plate. . .

Facebook Poll

As you can see, program staff are most likely to surprise nonprofit marketing staff with additional work. (You can vote here.)

During today’s webinar for our All-Access Pass holders called “Measuring Your Nonprofit Marketing Success” (recording available in the Pass Holders archive later tonight), I asked what drives how marketing successes are determined — program goals, fundraising goals, other marketing goals, etc.

quickpoll-what drives how success is determined

About 30 nonprofits participated in this poll during the webinar, and at least for this group, marketing and communications successes are driven by a combination of factors, with fundraising goals getting more attention than other marketing or programmatic goals.

How does work get on your plate, either in a planned way or an unexpected way?

I’d love to hear your experiences and stories, so please share in the comments.

Published On: October 4, 2012|Categories: Communications Plans and Marketing Strategies|