Based on research from our Nonprofit Communications Trends Reports, the most popular nonprofit communications goals are:

  • Engaging our community
  • Brand building and reputation management
  • Raising awareness of our issues
  • Supporting fundraising from small-medium donors
  • Supporting event fundraising
  • Supporting major donor fundraising

The most popular strategies are:

  • Permission-based marketing
  • Content marketing
  • Event and experience marketing
  • Relationship marketing

The most popular objectives are:

  • Financial gains or savings (e.g., fundraising results)
  • Participation levels (e.g., numbers registering or taking action)
  • Expression of loyalty (e.g., donor retention or long-term engagement)
  • Change in knowledge or understanding about your issues
  • People joining, subscribing, or following (e.g., list growth)

The most popular tactics are websites, email, social media, media relations/PR, in-person events, and direct mail.

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