5858249526_2298a25375_zTwitter. The second fiddle. Always the bridesmaid. The step-child. Pick whatever metaphor you like, but Twitter is always coming in as the runner-up to big bad Facebook.

But guess who’s there for Twitter, wanting to take it to the prom and even maybe marry it someday?

Nonprofit communications directors!

In our 2016 Nonprofit Communications Trends Report, we found that communications directors have a much stronger preference for Twitter over executive directors and development directors.

86% of communications directors put Twitter in their Top 3 Social Channels, while only 73% of development directors and 63% of executive directors rated it that highly.

45% of communications directors with direct responsibility for community engagement will post multiple times a day, compared to only 20% of development directors with direct responsibility for fundraising.

Twitter beats Facebook across the board for multiple postings per day. 29% of nonprofits say they will post to Twitter that often, compared to 21% for Facebook. Another 19% of nonprofits will tweet once a day, with 26% posting a few times a week.

Are you one of those communications directors who loves Twitter?

Tell us why in the comments!

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Published On: February 3, 2016|Categories: Social Media|