Find Your Purpose



You may have seen this graphic or its cousins floating around on social media lately.

I liked it a lot, because it helped me explain some concepts to my 11-year-old, who is suddenly concerned about her purpose in life.

I certainly believe that I have found my professional purpose by founding Nonprofit Marketing Guide and am grateful for it every day.

Then I got to thinking about how this relates to nonprofit marketing and fundraising itself. In particular, note how Mission and Purpose are not the same thing — Mission is only part of Purpose.

I often see nonprofits communicate in ways that skew too much toward just one of these circles, like focusing on how much the world needs something, but then not demonstrating they can do anything about it (e.g. all those “awareness” campaigns that ultimately fizzle and go nowhere).

Or focusing too much on being great at something, but lacking all the passion that would bring new supporters in (e.g. doing things the same old way you always have and wondering why you are stagnating).

Maybe you can use this as a conversation starter, not only in your own professional/personal development, but in how your organization thinks of itself and communicates that out to the world.