Last week I taught my “Strategies for Successful Nonprofit Newsletters” workshop through Duke University’s certificate program in nonprofit management. The workshop focuses mostly on print newsletters, and here are the top five questions that participants said they wanted answered during the course.

You get my bottom-line, three-second answers here. Follow the links to for the longer answers.

1) What Should Be the Focus of a Nonprofit Newsletter?

Your target audience. Get the long answer.

2) How Long Should a Print Newsletter Be?

Four pages, published quarterly. Get the long answer.

3) How Long Should a Newsletter Article Be?

600 words. Get the long answer.

4) How Many Fonts and Colors Should We Use?

Two fonts. Four-color (if you can afford it). Get the long answer.

5) What’s a Quick, Easy Way to Evaluate Our Newsletter?

Call some people on your mailing list. Get the long answer.

Disagree with my snappy replies? Relax, have a martini, maybe get in your bikini, but don’t get all Fellini. (Here’s why). Read the longer answers for my explanations, caveats, etc.

Published On: July 25, 2007|Categories: Fundraising|