Happy Holidays! We love our readers and think you deserve some goodies. This week, we are highlighting free downloads and resources from Nonprofit Marketing Guide that are all FREE.

The First 100 Days of Your New Nonprofit Marketing Job is a free e-book with a list of 100 tasks that you should try to complete within 100 days of starting your new job. The list will help you succeed personally and will also help your nonprofit create a marketing program that works well for your good cause.

But this isn’t a one-task-per-day to-do list. On some days, you might check off three tasks, while others may take several days or weeks to complete, especially those that require the cooperation of others. The tasks are in a very rough order that generally makes sense, but that you’ll need to adjust based on your particular situation.

If you’re starting a new job in 2013 or just need to start from scratch, you can download a copy at no charge here. We’ve heard from several people who printed out the guide and plastered the pages on their office walls as a public to-do list. If you do the same, take a picture and share it with us!