Print newsletter or email? “To switch or not to switch?” is definitely the question a lot of you have on your minds.

To help you answer that question, I have partnered with Network for Good to publish a new e-book From Print to Email: Take Your Newsletter on an Epic Journey. In this free download, I start by sharing the pros and cons of both print and email newsletters and answer when you should keep or when you should get rid of your print newsletter.

But changing from print to email is not just about changing formats. As I say in the book:

This is a Real Transformation

I like to compare moving from a print newsletter to an email newsletter to the transformation from caterpillar to butterfly. It’s technically the same animal the whole time, but it’s a very different creature in each stage of life.

The same goes with your newsletter. It’s always a newsletter, but the print version and the email version are different – very different. They look different, they move differently, and they play a different role in the ecosystem that is your nonprofit’s marketing and fundraising.

Once you realize you can’t just attach a PDF to an email and call that an email newsletter, you’ll be ready to move forward with the next steps. And this 20 page book covers all of the bases of creating a compelling email newsletter that your supporters will read. You’ll learn:

  • Three kinds of decisions you must make before beginning
  • 7 things you should NEVER include in an email newsletter
  • Why email newsletters are not e-blasts
  • Easy ways to build your email list
  • How to transition your readers to email

Again, this is a FREE download from Network for Good, so if you have ever thought about making the jump from print to email, you will definitely want to read a copy of this first.

Published On: April 6, 2012|Categories: Email Marketing, Fundraising|