The response to the “Parties with a Purpose” webinar scheduled for this Wednesday has been phenomenal. I know nonprofit folk like to party, but this is crazy! 🙂

We sold out over the weekend, but I’ve added more lines, so we now have about 30 spaces left, but that’s it. Register now if you want to attend. As always, by registering, you’ll also get a link to the recording, so you can still get the training, even if you can’t make the live event on Wednesday.

During Magic Keys Radio last Friday, our two webinar guest speakers, Gail Perry and Claire Meyerhoff, previewed some of the Parties with a Purpose tips, especially on making your fundraising auctions successful. Here are some of the highlights:

— The more festive the atmosphere, the higher the bidding will go. Gail recalled one party where guests were handed free Cosmopolitans as they walked in the door and the auction ended up being a huge success. We aren’t suggesting you get your guests wasted, but the party mood does help!

— Group smaller items together into baskets. Gail recommends starting all auction items, including baskets, at no less than $100. If you have too many small, lower-priced items, you end up with too much stuff to look at and the attention to the bigger items gets diluted.

— Men prefer live auctions more than women. Gails says studies show that women aren’t as keen on live auctions as men, so keep that in mind. For example, a “guy’s vacation” fishing or hunting trip would probably do better in a live auction format than a “gal’s vacation” spa trip.

— Private dinner parties do well. Ask some of your well-known supporters (or great cooks in your crowd) to offer to host an intimate dinner party at their home for four or six people. They’ll donate the catering or price of the food if they are cooking themselves, as well as their time to host the dinner party.

These are just the auction tips . . .  Gail and Claire will have loads more to share about party planning, where to have your event, who to invite, and more during Wednesday’s webinar. Register now if you want to learn how to host the Best Party in Town for your nonprofit!

Published On: September 15, 2008|Categories: Fundraising|