Think your nonprofit can’t use humor in your communications? Think again! You can absolutely create more engaging and funnier social media posts.

Just follow how the federal government does it. Seriously, if the feds can do it, you can.

No doubt, you are aware of the TSA’s approach to social media: 

They are reigning champs of federal socials.

But the National Park Service has been coming on hot! And apparently this NPS account is managed by one single staff member.

Ways to Add Humor to Your Social Media Posts

In the linked article above, the NPS social media manager refers to his editorial strategy as “safety with a smile.”

It’s a fantastic approach.

If your organization gives advice or talks about many rules and regulations like the TSA and NPS are likely to do, how can you throw in some humor?

Spend 15 minutes reading through these accounts, and you’ll get a good sense of their approaches.

Here are a few funny social media approaches you’ll see:

  • Pop culture references (e.g. Barbie, Taylor Swift, Winter is Coming, Office quotes)
  • Memes (Halloween costume “includes” are big again this time of year)
  • Iconic song lyrics — the National Park Service leans hard on these and they are fabulous. If you know the song, you laugh out loud. If you don’t, fine, it still makes sense.
  • Dad jokes — there are entire corners of the internet dedicated to these jokes. Scroll until you find some that you can use with your topics.
  • Random photos and videos of quirky things and items that seem out of place
  • POV videos — the TSA is using a lot of these right now
  • And more. Scroll and pay attention. This is work research. It’s legit.

The Social Media Strategy Behind the Laughs

Even better, listen to what these social media managers say themselves. Here’s a great interview with Janis Buris about running the TSA account.  One comment that can’t be overlooked: the massive size of the social media team!

Want more examples of how even government agencies can pull off humor and other authentic, engaging approaches to social media? Check out Government Agencies Get Real, Funny, and Human on Social Media. 

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