I just love this photo and status update that Carolina Tiger Rescue posted on Facebook last week:

The boring approach would have been to show us a picture of the old bald tires on the van, or to just simply whine about it. Not very interesting. But instead, they posed this great shot of keeper Lauren Humphries riding a bike with the pout face and rubber chickens.

The only problem is that by asking only for the donation of tires, and not the money to buy new ones, they don’t let us do something other than laugh. I for one do not have P215/70R14 tires laying around, but I would have thrown $20 in the basket, just because I loved the photo and the creativity. This is a great example of how you can ask friends in social media to help you fundraise for very specific things, and do it in a fun way. Causes is a great way to do that on Facebook (we are hosting a free webinar on using Causes on June 21).

Kerri Karvetski of Company K Media is going to share many more examples of easy, affordable ways to add humor to your nonprofit marketing and communications during this week’s webinar, Funny Ha Ha! Using Humor in Nonprofit Marketing and Fundraising on Thursday, June 9. Join us!