Direct Mail for Small NonprofitsYou don’t have much time or money to waste in marketing your nonprofit. That means you need to focus on two ways of doing business: little bets and best practices.

You can put both concepts to work for you with your direct mail appeals. You can take a chance and do something a little different with your annual appeal this year, while also scaling down the lessons learned from bigger organizations to your smaller nonprofit’s direct mail campaign.

Renowned direct mail copywriter and fundraiser Tom Ahern is going to show 24 nonprofits how to do just that during our July e-clinic, Direct Mail for Small Nonprofits.

Tom will share his secrets for direct mail appeals that work, even for local nonprofits with relatively small mailing lists.

The e-clinic, which runs from July 18-29, includes five hours of training and personal coaching via webinars with Tom and me. During the first week, Tom will teach two webinars where he’ll show you how to produce an appeal letter that works even in a local setting, with a relatively small mailing list. Please note that these webinars will NOT appear on our regular schedule. The only way to attend them is to register for this e-clinic.

During the second week, we’ll hold three coaching sessions, where each participant will have an opportunity to submit a draft letter for Tom’s review. You can watch as Tom not only improves your letter, but the letters of everyone else in the e-clinic too.

Every session will be recorded in case you can’t make a session live, or want to go back over certain sections.

Because each participant will get personal attention, we have to limit the e-clinic to 24 nonprofits. Since we opened registration Friday afternoon, six seats have been taken, leaving 18 slots.

Want to join us? We’d love to have you!

P.S. If you are a fan of the Nonprofit Marketing Guide Facebook page, you can get a $50 off coupon code for this e-clinic. You’ll find the code on our new Freebies & Coupons tab.

Published On: June 6, 2011|Categories: Fundraising, Writing Skills and Content|