I am not going to lie. I am struggling a little bit the past few days being positive. Factors that are both in and out of my control are definitely having a toll on my mood.

Unfortunately my schedule does not allow for a mental health day today so I turned on some happy music and had a little dance party with myself next to my desk.

I feel much better shaking it like a polaroid picture and getting out of my own head for just a few minutes before getting back to work. But I know music or dance parties won’t work for everyone.

So What Lifts Your Mood When You’re Down?

I would love to hear how you get out of a funk. Share in the comments and here are 5 Steps to Help Lift Your Mood from Karin Sieger for more ideas.

1. Lift your mood with laughter

2. Lift your mood with humour

3. Lift your mood with identification

4. Lift your mood by slowing down and resting with fairy tales

5. Lift your mood with chanting, mantras and affirmations

That article has a lot of good points about the wrong ways to try to lift your mood and embracing the bad moods sometimes so be sure to click over and read the whole thing.

Do you have dance parties? Watch cute animal videos? Text a close friend for a pick me up? Share what lifts your mood and give those of us struggling a little bit of inspiration!

Published On: March 4, 2019|Categories: Communications Team Management, Relationships, and Boundaries|