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This Thursday, April 19th, Tonia Zampieri will be with us to present a free webinar on mobile marketing for nonprofits. Here are some reasons why you should join us. ~ Kivi

Guest Post by Tonia Zampeiri

Fresh off this year’s Nonprofit Technology Conference and newly released annual benchmark studies, it couldn’t be a better time to dive into mobile marketing, the subject of Thursday’s webinar: Get Your Nonprofit Marketing Mobile Ready.

As the studies revealed, online giving growth is on fire.  So mobile might not seem like a big deal  to adopt in marketing, right?  Wrong.   Here’s why:

  • The majority (~60-85% based on income levels) of those 45 and under HAVE a smartphone, with a significant portion of the rest owning a web-enabled mobile device.  Many of these people are the ones likely who gave for the first time in 2011, accounting for that 37% growth seen from 2010.
  • Younger donors, those who own these devices, tend to volunteer or advocate for causes important to them before giving.  Again, studies pointed to advocacy being a strong precursor to giving because of its active online engagement.
  • Mobile is the new face of engagement.  These devices are highly personal, close at hand, and dictate what and with whom we are giving our attention to.

As nonprofit marketers know, fundraising does not come first when getting folks to champion your cause.  Text2Give’s long-term giving results have plummeted because those $5 and $10 donors were not fully invested in the particular natural disaster cause, but they saw the devastation and gave on impulse, with their heart.

The mobile web is a whole different story – it is the engagement medium.  Kivi’s 2012 Nonprofit Communications Trends Report shows us that respondents website and email marketing constitute the most important communications tools.  Funny these two tools have the most to lose if not adapted for mobile.

Messaging is critical.  Testing is critical.  Campaign selection is critical.  These factors and measuring your analytics for the mobile web are all items we will delve into this Thursday.

I’ll also share further details on the AtlanticBT Gives Back Mobile Grant Contest – $25,000 in mobile solutions (strategy, marketing, technology development) will give any nonprofit a major leg up.  The mobile web will only continue to dominate – the more prepared nonprofit marketers are – the greater impact your organization will make on improving society.

Haven’t registered yet? It’s free, what are you waiting for?  Space is limited, so sign up now!

Tonia Zampieri is the Mobile Strategist for Atlantic Business TechnologiesShe has nearly 10 years of digital fundraising and marketing experience and launched one of the very first nonprofit iPhone apps, Tap-n-Give on iTunes in 2009.  She tweets regularly via @iheartcharity and can be reached directly at tonia.zampier [at]

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