“Karma Goes Both Ways”
Photo by LexnGer on Flickr

If you like this blog and all of its mostly wholesome goodness, please do me a favor by taking five minutes to do these four things below. If you whip right through them, I really do think you can pull it all off in five minutes, earn some good karma, and make me very grateful and happy to be in such a fabulous community of nonprofit leaders! Well, I already am, but I’ll be super-duper grateful and happy, OK?

1) Vote for The Nature Conservancy in TripAdvisor’s “More Than Footprints” Campaign. Jonathan Coleman shares a ton of information about his experiences in using social media to promote TNC’s work so please thank him for his generosity with your vote. All five charities will get some $$, but the voting determines how much.

2) Give $10 to Stop HIV in the South. Did you know that HIV infections are rising dramatically in the South, while falling elsewhere in the U.S.?

I’m raising $500 so our local nonprofit working on HIV/AIDS prevention can keep the free condom basket by their front door full, so teenagers, poor people and anyone else who stops by can protect themselves, no questions asked. Please give $10 now.

3) Vote for My Sessions for NTEN’s Conference. I submitted two sessions for the Communications Track for NTEN’s 2009 Conference in San Francisco. Voting will help determine the agenda, so please vote for my sessions. Just follow the links, then click on all five stars at the bottom of the description. There are tons of great sessions, so after you finish this list, go back and vote for some more.

Rapid-Fire Website Reviews: What’s Working and What’s Not on Nonprofit Websites

Out of Print: Using Technology and Social Media to Move Your Print Publications Online

4) Take the Twitter Survey. Take John Haydon’s quick 8-question survey on how nonprofits are using Twitter and social media.

That’s it — THANK YOU — and enjoy the good karma!

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