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Calling all of you wonderfully creative, zany, clever, and even snarky nonprofit communicators!

Now is your chance to put to work what you’ve learned from Nancy Schwartz’s Nonprofit Tagline Report on a real fundraising campaign. And you can go wild because it’s not something your boss has to approve. And there are prizes too — good ones — like free webinar passes and an All-Access Pass to Nonprofit Marketing for the Grand Prize Winner.

On September 18, I told you how I’m raising money to buy condoms for the Positive Wellness Alliance (PWA) to give away for free to anyone who needs them, including teens who are too afraid to be seen buying them and folks who just don’t have the money to spare.

I’m a new board member for PWA, which helps people infected with and affected by HIV/AIDS in rural North Carolina. (Did you know the rate of infection is dramatically increasing in the South while falling everywhere else in the U.S.?)

With your help, I’ve raised $220 of my $500 goal. You can help by donating $10 now.

Here’s the challenge: Come up with a good tagline for this fundraiser!

Now, because this fundraiser deals with topics that make some people uncomfortable (sex, and who’s having it with whom), I’m actually putting the tagline challenge entries on the ChipIn page. You’ve been warned — some of them are rather bold, to put it mildly! This is not for the faint of heart. If this is simply not your cup of tea, don’t click over.

If you are up for a little creative, good-natured fun for a great cause, however, enter the contest by emailing me your taglines at with TAGLINE in the subject line. If you don’t want me to post your real name on the ChipIn list of entries, tell me in the email that you want to be anonymous or give me a pen name to use instead.

This is a fundraiser after all, so you can greatly increase the odds that your tagline will win a prize by donating! $10 qualifies as an adequate incentive for me to give your tagline some special consideration! Prizes will be awarded in several categories yet to be named by me.

Let the tagline challenge begin!