I decided to stop writing grant applications for clients a few years ago because I simply don’t enjoy that kind of writing. To cut down my reading pile (in paper and online), I stopped paying close attention to magazines, websites, etc. related to fundraising. But I’ve decided to move one fundraising blog on to the must-read list.

I am a huge fan of Jeff Brooks’ Donor Power Blog. Why? Because it’s all about focusing on your audience, which I must say 100 times during my various nonprofit writing workshops. While Jeff focuses on donors as the audience, practically everything I’ve read on his blog can also be applied to other groups that nonprofits must communicate with effectively.

Even if development work isn’t in your job description, if you are responsible for communicating with members, clients, partners, volunteers, elected officials, or your board, you’ll learn something from Donor Power Blog. You’ll also be entertained. Jeff’s recent posts on the group dynamic (How Bad Ideas Get Started and How to Stop Them, Fundraising’s Death by Committee) are so dead-on, I immediately started laughing as I pictured in my head all the various people I’ve dealt with over the years who fit his descriptions.

Published On: May 18, 2006|Categories: Fundraising|