Welcome back to another look into the new hobbies you have picked up over the last year.

We’ve looked at sweet pets and music in the last two weeks. Today, we look at a variety of hobbies I am categorizing as arts and crafts.

From Rayline Manni:

Glycerin soap making with my 10 year old.  Her latest creation was layered soap popsicles. Next up will be small soap hearts dropped into glycerin blocks. (We’re a bit late with our Valentine’s project.) 


From Denise McDonald:

In early pandemic days I taught myself how to make stop-motion videos. My favourites are my first one, Tea Time, and my re-creation of Wrecking Ball with a Vermont Teddy Bear (below). You can see the whole series and a lot more teddy bears here.

From Christina Brost:

I’ve started paper collaging and am loving it so far! Gets me off the screen and thinking more creatively.


I didn’t get pictures for these, but Caroline Guy said:

When Covid-19 hit in full force, I quickly learned that if I was going to have any pandemic hobbies, they had to be technology free (both for my eyes and my mental health). I took up cross-stitching and immediately fell in love! I print out patterns to avoid any technology use and have found so much joy in sharing patterns with family and friends. I’ve now been added to people’s lists when they find old patterns they don’t need anymore which usually come with fun and meaningful stories.

And Heather Thomas said:

I am collaging like crazy, mainly one-of-a-kind collage notecards. I just turned in a collage postcard for our Dear Stranger program.

And finally Jen Newmeyer put some graphic design skills to use to create a “43 Ideas for Quarantine” checklist to share with others.

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