I am back with another peek into the new activities nonprofit communicators have picked up during the pandemic.

Last week we saw some new pets, and this week we look at a few people who took up a new musical instrument.

From Sally Hartman:

My new pandemic hobby is playing the piano. I took lessons for six years as a child but hated to practice and quit as a teenager. Well, wouldn’t my late mother be proud to know that decades later no one has to nag me to practice. I take online lessons and play every day on the digital piano I treated myself to during pandemic times. My long ago music skills are returning, and donning my headphones and playing the piano is a relaxing antidote to all the noise going on in the world.

Sally Hartman


From Katie Godfrey Demmer:

My pandemic hobby (and also winter hobby since I live in Minnesota) is learning the ukulele! I’ve had a lot of fun with it so far. 

Katie Godfrey Demmer

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