Here’s a new question from Melinda Pearce at NCGives (read about our partnership here):

How do you connect online and offline communities? from Kivi Leroux Miller on Vimeo.

At the NC Tech4Good conference last week, we learned that North Carolina is second only to Texas for the total number of people living in rural communities, and 20% of rural North Carolinians have no access to broadband, even if they were willing to pay for it. And of course, even if broadband is available, many people can’t afford it and some simply don’t go online much.

That leaves statewide nonprofit organizations like NCGives, which wants to connect with all North Carolinians, in a bind. Online marketing is an easy, affordable way to connect with people across the state, but it also leaves many people out of the conversation.

What are some creative ways to integrate people who are offline into conversations that are happening largely online? Share your ideas here by leaving a comment.

Published On: June 29, 2010|Categories: General|