Admit it. You took a quiz on Facebook, or clicked on a clever subject line from your email inbox to find out your aura, or your inner animal, or which Star Wars or Walking Dead (can I be Michonne?) character you are most like.


We loooooove our quizzes, because the good ones are all about us. They are irresistible, addicting and shareable.

Quizzes are a tool every nonprofit communicator should have in their digital marketing toolbox. I use them as engagements for existing subscribers and supporters, and as an acquisition tool. I’ve compiled 16 of them I’ve received in the last year to inspire your next quiz.

I admit, there are a lot of wildlife and environmental orgs here, but don’t let that stop you. There are also examples from food, children’s and culture orgs, too. I’d steal content from the back of a shampoo bottle (true story) if I thought it might work for my nonprofit communications task!

Good luck!

16 Nonprofit Quizzes

1) Poo IQ Quiz – Chesapeake Bay Foundation (Read the email)

Chesapeake Bay Foundation's Poo IQ Quiz

2) What’s Your Manta Ray IQ? – Defenders of Wildlife (Read the email)

Defenders of Wildlife Manta Ray Quiz

3) Do You Know the Power of a Pig? – Heifer International (Read the email)

Heifer International Pig Quiz

4) How Far Would You Go? – UNICEF (Read the email)

UNICEF How Far Would You Go?

5) Ultimate Smithsonian Challenge: Arts & Culture Edition – Smithsonian Institution (Read the email)

Smithsonian's Ultimate Challenge: Arts & Culture Edition

6) Which Amazon Animal Athlete Do You Relate to Most? – World Wildlife Fund (Read the email)
World Wildlife Fund's Amazon Athlete Quiz

7) The Secret Life of Lunch Foods – Feeding America (Read the email)

Feeding America's Secret Life of Lunch Quiz

8) How Much Do You Know About Backpack Safety? – Shriners Hospitals for Children (Read the email)

Shriners Hospitals for Children Backpack Quiz

9) Where’s Your Water Hiding? – The Nature Conservancy (Read the email)

Nature Conservancy's Where Is Your Water Hiding?

10) How Much Do You Know About Gratitude? – Giving Tuesday (Read the email)

Giving Tuesday's How Much Do You Know About Gratitude Quiz

11) What Do You Know About Wildlife Crossings? – National Wildlife Federation (Read the email)

National Wildlife Federation's What Do You Know About Wildlife Crossings Quiz

12) How Well Do You Know Hamilton? – PBS (Read the email)

PBS How Well Do You Know Hamilton Quiz

13) What Kind of Volunteer Are You? – VolunteerMatch (Read the email)

VolunteerMatch's What Kind of Volunteer Are You

14) How Much Do You Know About the Climate Crisis? – The Climate Reality Project (Read the email)

Climate Reality's How Much Do You Know About the Climate Crisis

15) Dog or Cat: Which Pet is Your True Love? – ASPCA (Read the email)

ASPCA's Dog or Cat Person Quiz

16) Which Best Friends Animal Are You? – Best Friends Animal Society (Read the email)

Best Friends - Which Best Friends Animal Are You?

4 Helpful Links to Sharpen Your Quiz Creation Skills

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Is there a quiz you loved? Share it in the comments section.

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