I just took a look at the results to date from our survey of nonprofit communicators, as I prepare for our webinar tomorrow (Wednesday) on Trends for 2011 and Your Nonprofit Marketing Plan for 2011.

The “How much email is too much (or too little)” question is one I get all the time, so I was particularly interested in the results to the question on how frequently the respondents expected to email their lists.

Here’s how it breaks down so far.

44% – Monthly

17% – Every Other Week

12% – Weekly

12% – Quarterly

4% – Twice a Year

2%- Several Times a Week

The rest, 9%, said they didn’t know.

I think it’s really encouraging that 75% say they’ll email at least monthly. That’s what I recommend as the minimum for most organizations.

This represents only about 150 nonprofits so far, and we’d like to hear from a lot more of you! Please take the survey and let us know where you are on the spectrum. You’ll get a free copy of the report on January 10 when you do.

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