You want others to get the word out about you and your cause. You want them to be talking about you. It’s the start of going viral – the holy grail of marketers everywhere. Everyone wants to know how to make that happen.

There are lots of articles out there about upping your chances of being the next big hit on the Internet. You can follow best practices, but it all starts with the quality of your message.

If your message doesn’t resonate with your audience, it doesn’t matter what you’ve done to that point.

To get people talking about you (in a good way), your message needs to be both talkable” and “walkable.”

Here’s what I mean by that . . .


Talkable messages are those that are really easy for others — not just your staff and other experts — to talk about.  That means it

  • Is simple and straightforward, not requiring a great deal of explanation or technical understanding.
  • Has an emotional hook or something that is easy to grab on to. Is it particularly funny, or surprising, or curious, or shocking, or interesting in some other way?
  • Is memorable, because it includes a story or some sort of unforgettable visual, both of which lodge in our brains much better than facts alone.


Now, make sure your message is walkable, which means that it is easy for others to not only understand it and talk about it, but to really spread that message for you.  That means it

  • Works in many different communications channels. Can you include some version of it in email, print, advertising, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram,  etc.?
  • Is shareable. It’s easy for people to take what they see or hear, and pass it on to others. For example, are there share buttons, links, and website addresses in the right places?
  • Is consistent, but also somewhat customizable. Repetition of the core message is essential, but you also want people to be able to put their own personal spin on it so that it’s more relevant in the situations where they are sharing the message for you.

Remember Talkable and Walkable when planning your next outreach campaign!

Published On: April 10, 2019|Categories: Creating Relevant and Engaging Messaging, Writing Skills and Content|