Good consultants work hard to please their clients. Good clients work hard to keep their good consultants. In other words, your relationships with your consultants should be partnerships that both parties value.

In the last two weeks, I received these three notes from three separate clients after submitting work to them:

From a new nonprofit client: “So nice to read something I don’t have to work on further . . . and so well captures the content and spirit of what we want to say. Well done.”

From a long-time nonprofit client: “You are the best! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!”

From a small business client: “This is great. I don’t know what we’d do without you!”

I share these notes not to brag about how much my clients like my work, but to demonstrate that it takes VERY LITTLE to keep your consultants happy. A few sweet little lines and I’m ready to work nights and weekends for these people and I probably won’t raise my rates on them for who knows how long!

Communicate with me so I can do the best job possible for you, pay me on time, and send me a little love note every now and then. That’s all it takes to keep me motivated to do my best for you.

Which of the consultants working for you has done a great job and made your life easier? When was the last time you let them know how much you appreciate them? Send a quick note of thanks right now and you might be surprised at the return on the investment.