If you are looking for a freelance writer or editor to help with your nonprofit communications and marketing work, I will post your listing on my other blog, Writing for Nonprofits, which is read by freelancers interested in working with nonprofit clients. I want to post only links and very short descriptions, so you’ll need to have the project description and your contact information online somewhere else, like your website, blog, or other listing service (e.g. Craig’s List).
Send your link to me at kivi AT writingfornonprofits.com and I will post it within a day or two.

Here are some tips on what to include in an ad for a freelancer writer/editor:

  • Describe the project in as much detail as possible. What kind of publication is it? Print or online? Newsletter, brochure, press kit, fundraising direct appeal letter, etc.?
  • Do you need original writing, editing of something a staff member has written, or both?
  • How long is the project — word count or number of pages?
  • What is your timeline? When does the project need to start and when must it be completed?
  • Does the freelancer need any special skills or knowledge of your subject area to do this job well?
  • How much will you pay? (I will only list jobs the pay something – no requests for volunteers, please). If you don’t want to list a pay rate or range, specify whether you’d prefer to pay a set project fee, by the word, or an hourly rate.
  • Where can the freelancer learn more about your organization (e.g. your website)?
  • How do you want to be contacted?