It’s happened to the best of us – you sit down to write that blog post, newsletter article, etc. and……..





(I may or may not have experienced that today as I sat down to write this blog post.) 

So let’s talk about some ways to get your writing flowing again, places to look for inspiration, and other ideas to get you un-stuck.

What to do when you have a topic, but you’re struggling with how to say it…

  • Freewrite on your topic for 15 – 20 minutes
  • Brainstorm 10 titles or headlines
  • Get moving (go for a walk, stretch, whatever you are physically able to do)
  • Go outside if you can or look out a window
  • Meditate
  • Draw
  • Pet your pets
  • Play with toys
  • Read something completely unrelated to your topic

Where to look when you don’t have any idea what you want to write about, but it’s due today and you need to write something, anything…

  • Forums/social media groups related to your cause
  • Your social media channels comment sections
  • Your blog/website comment sections
  • Questions you’ve received about your cause
  • Program staff
  • Hashtags related to your cause
  • Current events
  • Stuff you’ve already written
  • Conference agendas
  • What other organizations are doing
  • Your “cut from” folder

Other writing ideas…

  • Tutorials
  • Share a little known fact about your organization
  • Ask your readers to help with something
  • Start a debate
  • Share an unpopular opinion
  • Share some quick tips
  • Repurpose your most popular content
  • Behind the scenes
  • Link round-up
  • Your “Top 10” round-up
  • Lifehacks/Shortcuts
  • Forecast for the future
  • Stories
  • Explain the jargon/define wonky terms
  • Reviews or recommendations
  • Fact vs Fiction

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