Tis the season to be grateful!

Thank yous are incredibly important in turning a first-time donor into a life-long giver.

Donors want much more than an acknowledgement and receipt. They want a prompt, meaningful thank you letter and additional communication that explains how the donation was used.

Because so many nonprofits handle this badly, you really stand out when you do it well.

We’ve combined all we have taught on saying thank you in this FREE e-book How to Say Thank You: A Guide for Nonprofits.

In this guide, we will show you the who should get a thank you, when the thank you should be sent, and how to create thank yous that inspire your supporters to give again and again.

In this 9-page download, we look at:

  • Why a good thank you is so important
  • Which donors you should send thank you to and when
  • Ways to share your progress
  • The four steps to creating a great thank you

Find Your Copy in the Free Member Resource Library


Published On: November 24, 2021|Categories: Fundraising|