Kivi and Tara Collins at NTEN

Infographics aren’t just for making your website or Facebook wall look pretty. Tara Collins, communications director of Watershed Agricultural Council (and a Nonprofit Marketing Guide All-Access Pass Holder), recently sent me this email on how she used infographics in an executive committee meeting to help the attendees better understand her. Here is the email:

Kivi – had to tell you….I just used two of your infographics as teaching tools in an Executive Committee meeting today and they went over HUGE! 

I used the Nonprofit Communications Trends Study visual to demonstrate how our communications are on track with industry trends and how our approach to the Big Six Most Important Nonprofit Comm Channels are right on. 

For the second teaching tool, I used an infographic you mentioned in a Mixed Links blog post (55 Most Interesting Social Media Iconographs) on the Art of Listening to demonstrate the wide variety of online messaging channels and how our organization is out there, but most definitely will not be engaging in ALL of them. 

Both of these visuals really helped my group of 10:

  • Grasp what I had been talking about
  • Show that our organization is doing well compared to the industry
  • Serve as discussion markers to the higher level conversations about crisis communications, budget, staff capacity, and what we need to be doing more of (aka video)
  • And ultimately underline why the communications budget needs more support in the next contract round. 

It also gave me leverage in the board room to bring the marketing discussion to the strategic planning table (45 minutes worth). 

Thanks for the great tools to help me make the case for our organization’s communications efforts!  I plan to use more of those tools from your website at each bimonthly meeting as teaching tools. 


Thanks for sharing, Tara!

How are you using infographics to get your message across?

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