Help Wanted I’m thinking about hiring interns or apprentices here at Nonprofit Marketing Guide to help with some evolving ideas. But I’m not sure which, or what it would look like exactly, so I would love some feedback.

For a variety of reasons, I don’t want another regular employee, at least right now. Nor do I want to put someone on contract for the work I have in mind because I am not clear enough in my own head about exactly how these ideas will evolve and what the contract deliverables would ultimately be.

So I’ve thought about hiring some paid interns to help move some of these ideas along for a few months. The interns get the experience of doing real work with us, and we get brain power to push some concepts along the creative timeline.

But . . .  I think I might actually want more than someone just doing a quick pit stop with us on the way to something else, which is how I see an internship (right or wrong).

I think I want to work with someone who is more committed to working in the field of nonprofit communications, in some sort of supportive role, whether as a consultant themselves or working for a state nonprofit association or a community foundation or some other management support organization. I’m also thinking of this relationship as more like six-nine months, instead of three.

And this sounds more like an apprenticeship. While I couldn’t necessarily guarantee a job with us at the end, I think the person would be well-positioned for work in the sector.

Does pay make a difference in what it’s called? I am willing to pay a stipend, but one that is a lot closer to minimum wage than to market rate for professional consultants.

What do you think? Have you seen apprenticeships in professional services like nonprofit marketing and fundraising?

If you were going to apply for an apprenticeship, what expectations would you have about the experience?

Or does this still sound like an internship?

Let me know what you think!







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