According to the 500+ people who have taken our 2018 Nonprofit Communications Trends Survey, it looks like workloads are too heavy.

While these results are not final, it’s definitely an issue we know a lot of you have.

What do you think about your workload? Take the survey now and let us know.

We run this survey and create the Nonprofit Communications Trends Report to compile important insights into the day-to-day needs of nonprofit marketers and fundraisers so we can better help you.

We’re also asking:

  • How effective do nonprofit communicators feel on specific goals like community engagement, brand and reputation management, and supporting major donor fundraising?
  • How much content does a typical communications team produce, and how often do they use different communications channels?
  • How do communications pros rate their skills, including copywriting, graphic design, planning, and analytics?
  • How satisfied are communications pros with their workloads and jobs overall?
  • How much training are they getting and who’s paying for it?

The survey will take around 15 minutes, but your answers will help produce the best research around on what it’s like to work as a nonprofit communications professional.

Taking the survey will also get you a special invitation to the 2018 Nonprofit Communications Trends Preview Webinar. Only those who take the survey will be invited. and you’ll be ahead of the curve on what to expect next year.

Take the survey now.

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Published On: November 21, 2017|Categories: Nonprofit Marketing Trends|