A new year can hold so many new possibilities!

Yes, it’s just another day on your calendar really, but January 1st can be a symbolic reset button that allows us to be so much better in the upcoming year.

Or maybe you crushed 2019 and just want to maintain your awesomeness.

Either way, you need an idea of what you will do to reach your 2020 goals.

In addition to personal resolutions, we want you to focus on some of your work resolutions as well.

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What will you do in 2020?

  • Send more emails?
  • Organize your photos?
  • Get your annual report done in January?
  • Move around more at work?
  • Take your vacation days?
  • Personally call more donors?
  • Schedule a content meeting once a month with all departments?
  • Make time for professional development?

Just fill out the form below. You can share your resolutions anonymously if you want, but your goals may appear on our blog in January.

Published On: December 16, 2019|Categories: Workflows, Processes, and Productivity|