MAMA_visual_storytelling_2Visual storytelling done right cuts through the clutter to resonate with the people you want to act. That kind of imagery is worth far more than 1,000 words.

Take this unforgettable example from MAMA (Mobile Alliance for Maternal Action). I lingered on this image, taking in the different women and their range of expressions. The photo with text quickly and memorably conveys not only what MAMA does, but how—improving health through educating and supporting moms via mobile messages. That’s a tough concept to get, but this image says it all in a flash.

You too can move your org towards powerful visual storytelling. Start by reviewing your messages to ensure you have them accurately in mind.

Then, with those in mind, put your storytelling hat on, keep an eye out for the images that say it all, and ask and train your colleagues to do the same. You’ll know it when you see it (or get a vision of what set up will be unforgettable), just like the MAMA folks did.

BTW, MAMA does great here on the relevance scale as well, linking this visual story with International Women’s Day (which came up a week later).

P.S. MAMA also does great Facebook. Follow MAMA here to get some great ideas for your organization’s Facebook page.